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Explore and discover the aquatic life under the tranquil sea, capture their beauty with a camera and share your findings with others.

The light pollution in the urban areas of Hong Kong is very high, this can prevent people living in these areas to admire the beauty of our night skies. The remote location of Pak Lap within the Sai Kung East Park is perfect for stargazing. Participants can enjoy the view of sea of stars in our night skies, while learning about astronomy from our astronomy tutor.

Pak Lap Wan and Pak Lap Tsai located within Hong Kong Geopark, which is famous for the unique coastline and diverse marine life. Snorkeling with our professional instructor, encounter different creatures underwater.

High Island located within the Hong Kong Geopark. Unique landscape was formed since 1.4 million years ago. Take our boat tour to have a close look on those amazing coastline.

There are a lot of water activities you can do apart from sea kayaking, surfing and snorkelling. Fishing is also a popular leisure activity within Hong Kong. It is a relaxing activity that can help improve your mindfulness, it is a great way of experiencing the vibrant sea in another way.