Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong
Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong is a Non-profit Organization founded on 1st September 2008, and 4th August 2019 became an Academic Charity, which aims at promoting “ichthyology and its related information”. Our Society is an academic platform that incorporates Research, Education, and Conservation to improve/promote studies and knowledge of fish. We also encourage the public to learn more about Nature, Species Diversity and Ecosystems while participating in Conservation efforts.
Professor Chong Dee Hwa
President of ISHK
Primary mission of the society.
Social mission of the society.
Environmental mission of the society.


To explain the phenomena of life, obtain the “fact” through observation, narration, and analysis, providing objective and accurate scientific knowledge.


To organize the facts from research systematically so as to provide in-depth but simple "natural education“, enhancing natural knowledge and environmental awareness of the public.


To offer opportunities for citizens involving scientific research, promoting public participation in "environmental protection".

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The Work of The Society
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The Work of The Society
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The Work of The Society
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The Work of The Society
Since its establishment has been committed to nurturing talents and actively promote fish education through:
Since July 2020, the society has carried out comprehensive ecological conservation and nature education at Pak Lap. Studying and protecting various natural resources and ecological environment in the area, and striving to strengthen the education of the natural environment in Hong Kong. We do this through:
Pak Lap, Sai Kung
Beach Clean Up
Pak Lap, Sai Kung
Water Fern Conservation
Pak Lap, Sai Kung
Wetland Compensation
Pak Lap, Sai Kung